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CompanyDi.com : Terms of Service, Refunds, Cancellation Policy

We means CompanyDi.com, Android app, Admin, management and employees...
You or User or member means person accessing CompanyDi.com website or android app.
Terms of Service:
  1. Don't trust and pay anybody without verifying his / her products or services.
  2. User details, Ads, messages and photos are not verified. We are not responsible for user details, Ads, photos, messages, phone calls and all user activities.
  3. We cannot know if any user and his/her products/services are good or bad, real or fake.
  4. If anybody sends bad messages, his/her account may be deleted and blocked without any warning.
  5. CompanyDi.com is only a website/app where users may contact other users. We are not responsible for their behaviour or activities.
  6. If you wish to contact any user, you may contact him/her in a public place and verify his/her products or services yourself or with the help of your family members / relatives / friends...
  7. Accessing, browsing or using CompanyDi.com or CompanyDi.com app indicates that you fully agree to all the Terms of service, privacy policy, disclaimer, cookies policy and all the details on this page.
  8. We may periodically change the Terms and the website/app without notice, and you are responsible for checking these Terms periodically for revisions. All amended Terms become effective upon our posting to the webite/app, and any use of the website/app after such revisions have been posted signifies your consent to the changes.
  9. CompanyDi.com is a worldwide online service. All profiles and Ads are published by users. Their details are not verified or authenticated. We are not responsible for the details of users, photos, messages, Ads, phone calls, and all their activities and behaviour.
  10. CompanyDi.com services are provided without any warranty or guaranty of any kind.

    Account, Profile :
  11. Profile means all the details and photos in a user's account.
  12. You may join/register in CompanyDi.com only if your age is 18 years or above.
  13. You must provide correct details while creating your account and profile.
  14. If you want to edit or modify your profile later, you may contact Admin and inform correct details. Admin may or may not modify according to his discretion.
  15. You must not enter or upload other person's details and photos in your account without their permission.
  16. You agree that we cannot verify or check the authenticity of photos and details in the profiles of other members.
  17. You must create only one account with one profile for you.
  18. Members in CompanyDi.com can see your profile and your Ads and may send messages to you or contact you.
  19. You must not share your password, give access to your account to others, or transfer your account to anyone else.
  20. If you are using a shared computer, mobile phone or device, you should logout after using CompanyDi.com (menu -> logout).
  21. You must not use any bad / irrelevant / offensive / vulgar / indecent / romance / sex related words in your profile and Ads.
  22. You must not enter mobile numbers, email addresses, whatsapp numbers or other contact details in your profile and Ads.
  23. All profiles on CompanyDi.com are published by users. We cannot check if they are real or fake. We cannot manually check the profiles for offensive or bad content.

    Chat / Messages :
  24. All chat messages will be sent automatically to other members.
  25. We may automatically remove some bad / romance words from messages.
  26. We do not and cannot manually check messages before sending them to other members.
  27. You must not send any bad / vulgar / indecent / romance / sex messages to members.
  28. You should block any member you don't like. You must not scold or insult or argue with any member. You must not use offensive or bad language.
  29. We may automatically block members who uses bad / romance / sex words in messages.
  30. We may delete your chat messages and replies anytime without notice.
  31. You agree that deleted messages cannot be recovered or restored.
  32. You may chat with other members or send messages only if you verify your mobile number and or email address.
  33. Members may or may not show interest in your profile, and may or may not send messages or replies to you.
  34. You must give your correct and working mobile number / email address / address in your profile and free chat messages.
  35. You must not spam or send too many messages to other members unless they are also interested in you.
  36. We are not responsible if members don't see or don't reply to your messages.
  37. Some members may send bad / romance messages to you or call and misbehave. You may block them, or ignore or neglect them. You may also report to Admin. We are not responsible for such messages or calls.
  38. We may check all chat messages for bad words automatically or manually.
  39. Free chat is possible if two users are online at the same time, use browsers with javascript and web socket support, and their profiles match (same religion / language / age group / caste etc..).
  40. If you give mobile number / email address / whatsapp number to other members, or if you take mobile number / email address / whatsapp number of other members using CompanyDi.com, you must follow these terms of service when communicating with them. Example: You must not send any bad / romance / sex messages to their mobile phone / email address / whatsapp... or phone coversations.

    Photos :
  41. Uploading photos is optional.
  42. You must upload your photos or the photos of your products or services only.
  43. You must not upload indecent photos, or photos without proper clothes.
  44. You must not upload photos photos of models, celebrities, copyrighted photos, or photos with watermarks.
  45. You must not upload photos with some writing or text on them.
  46. Photos can be seen by anybody.
  47. Photos can be downloaded by anybody.
  48. We are not responsible if your photos are downloaded by others and used for any other purpose.
  49. After you upload photos, it may take some time before they may be shown to other members. (We may check them for decency.)
  50. We may delete photos anytime, and may not inform the reason.
  51. You can login to your account and delete your photos anytime.
  52. All photos on CompanyDi.com are published by users. We cannot check if they are real or fake.
  53. You agree that we cannot verify or check the authenticity of photos in the profiles of members.

    Email Messages, Notifications :
  54. We may send you emails and mobile notifications for various reasons. example : when other members wish to contact you or send reply to your messages.
  55. We may send you Android mobile notifications if you have installed our Android app.
  56. We may also send you emails and mobile notifications about your account activity, newsletters, new features...

  57. Your behaviour :
  58. You must respect other members.
  59. You must not scold other members.
  60. You must not behave indecently with other members.
  61. You must not use bad language with other members.
  62. You must not send love, romance or sex messages to other members.
  63. You must not threaten, harass, intimidate, cheat, spam, scam the CompanyDi.com Admin, management, employees, members or users, or their family members, relatives or friends in any manner.
  64. You must not compel Admin to delete the account of any other member. You may provide details or valid proof and Admin may delete account using his discretion.

    Login / Forgot password :
  65. You must remember your email address and password that you entered while joining/registering. Or, you may write them somewhere securely.
  66. We are not responsible if you forget your email address or password and cannot login to your account.

    Safety and security :
  67. CompanyDi.com is a platform where people can interact with eachother. Your safety and security is your responsibility.
  68. Do not trust any member unless you verify his/her details, products or services (verify yourself or verify with the help of your family members / relatives / friends...).
  69. Do not share any financial details like credit card / debit card / internet banking / OTP / NEFT details with members for any reason.
  70. Block those who ask for gifts or financial help. It may be scam.
  71. Give your mobile / whatspp / email only to those you like.
  72. You must be careful about scams and cheating by other members.
  73. Some members may join with fake details. You must not believe or trust any member unless you (or your family members / friends / relatives) verify his or her details/products/services.
  74. It is your full responsibility to protect yourself from other members.
  75. You may Block any number in Whatsapp.
  76. You may Block any mobile number in Android mobile
  77. Be very careful about meeting any member personally.
  78. Meet in public place only. Also, take any of your family members or friends along with you.
  79. Do not hurry about meeting any member.
  80. If you have to travel with that member, travel in public transport only. Do not travel in a vehicle arranged by that member.
  81. Do not take drinks or food offered by the member.
  82. If somebody calls you, and says that he or she is from CompanyDi.com, don't believe.
  83. CompanyDi.com is a worldwide online service (for all countries, languages, communities...). We cannot verify any details of members, their products or services. Contact them and verify their details/products/services.
  84. CompanyDi.com is not responsible for the behaviour of members and correctness of details, Ads, products or services. If you don't like any member, you may block that member.
  85. CompanyDi.com is a worldwide online service. There are no offices in your city or town.
  86. We are not responsible if you don't understand English, or if you don't understand anything on this page. Your join / login / access of companydi.com indicates that you fully agree with all the terms and conditions of this page.
  87. To report against any member, please contact Admin and inform the ID of member with problem details. His or her account may be deleted if there is valid proof (using our discretion).

    Deleting / Deactivating :
  88. You may delete / deactivate / activate your account by contacting Admin.
  89. We may edit, modify, delete, deactivate, block any account or anything or any email address or mobile number or any profile for any reason without warning or notice. We may not give reasons for the action.
  90. We may check for bad words in profile details, messages and replies, and delete or deactivate accounts of users without prior notice.
  91. You agree that deleting an account may delete all your messages, profile details and may not be recovered or restored.
  92. You agree that only uninstalling our android app does not delete your account, Ads, messages and profile from CompanyDi.com. The correct way to delete account is to login and ask Admin to delete account.
  93. You agree that we may not give reasons why your account may be blocked / deleted / deactivated / restricted or for any other action taken by us.
  94. When you deactivate your profile, we may store your profile details, messages, photos in our server so that you may activate your profile later.
  95. We may delete your account, or stop providing any service if you fail to verify your email address or mobile number.
  96. Deleting your account may not delete your topics and replies in the forum. Contact Admin and tell your ID to delete them.

  97. Other :
  98. We don't endorse or support the behaviour or activities of any member.
  99. We cannot track the physical address of any member.
  100. We cannot control the activities of any member (except deleting / deactivating his or her account in CompanyDi.com).
  101. If anything in CompanyDi.com is not correct, or if you want to modify, login to your account and contact Admin and send message with full details. Or, email to admin at CompanyDi.com with ID and other details.
  102. We understand English, and may not respond properly when you ask anything in other languages.
  103. Your profile, Ads, messages etc. may be displayed in search engines (example: Google.com, Bing.com)
  104. Sometimes, search engines may show your profile details even after you delete or deactivate your profile from CompanyDi.com.
  105. We may block or impose restrictions on any member for any reason. (example : when we think that you are sending bad messages to other members)
  106. You agree that we may not provide some of the features of similar sites or apps. Example: Free chat messages in CompanyDi.com may be different from other sites or apps.
  107. We may change, modify, suspend, delete, deactivate, disable CompanyDi.com or apps or any of it's features or services anytime, for any reason without prior notice.
  108. Google Website Translation service is provided without any warranties or guarantees. You must always refer to our English text.
  109. We may block your email address and mobile number from join / register / login for any reason, and we may not tell you the reason for blocking.
  110. We may hide your profile from other members for any reason. (example : when your profile is incomplete.)
  111. Sometimes, we may block services to those who do not provide valid proof of identity.
  112. You must not hold CompanyDi.com, Admin, management, employees responsible for the messages, phone calls, behaviour, and other actions of members or their family members, relatives, friends...
  113. You agree that you will not hold CompanyDi.com, Admin, management, employees responsible for any type of losses or problems that may occur due to your use of CompanyDi.com.
  114. You (or your family members, relatives, representatives) must not complain to any law enforcement agency, police, courts against CompanyDi.com, Admin, management, employees for any reason.
  115. We are not responsible for any disputes between members, and we will not be party to any such dispute/litigation...
  116. If any law enforcement agency contacts us, we may provide your details, logs...
  117. You should visit this terms and privacy policy page everyday and check for new additions and modifications.
  118. You must not join or you must not keep your account and profile in CompanyDi.com if you don't agree to the latest privacy policy, terms, and cookies policy, disclaimer as shown in this page.
  119. If your account and profile are present in CompanyDi.com, it means you agree to the latest terms, privacy policy, cookies policy, disclaimer eventhough you have not visited or logged into CompanyDi.com recently.
  120. We are not responsible for any misuse of your details, photos, messages by anybody. We are not responsible if anybody copies your details, photos, messages and posts them on other websites, or uses them for any purpose.
  121. We are not responsible for any type of communication you may receive from anybody as a result of using CompanyDi.com (example : phone calls, SMS (Short Message Service), messages...)
  122. You are responsible for all your activities, and all types of communication you send to anybody (example : phone calls, SMS (Short Message Service), messages, whatsapp calls or messages...)
  123. Sometimes CompanyDi.com and android app may stop working, or may not not work as expected due to technical reasons.
  124. We always strive to secure and safeguard your details in our server to the best of our ability. You must not hold us responsible for any hacking or any theft or misuse of data in our server.
  125. Some features may not work correctly. Example: some members may show online even after closing their app or browser.
  126. We may display advertisements (ads) using external services like Google Adsense. We are not responsible for the content and everything else related to the advertisements.

Refunds, Cancellation Policy :
If you make any payments to CompanyDi.com and if you are not satisfied with CompanyDi.com services, please send email to admin@CompanyDi.com with problem details and your account details. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Refunds, payment cancellations, money-back are not possible. Thank you.

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